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Zhangjiajie Preparing Meeting for the Activity–“HK Enterprises Visiting Xiangxi”

In order to make the best of the activity platform–“HK Enterprises Visiting Xiangxi”, boost Zhangjiajie and HK enterprises’ business match and cooperation in terms of cultural travel, commerce, logistics, city construction and finance service and accelerate the upgrade in Zhangjiajie’s travel, on August 6th, Zhangjiajie prepares meeting for the activity–“HK Enterprises Visiting Xiangxi”, on which Event Planning for HK Enterprises Visiting Xiangxi is discussed. Besides, relevant sectors come up with suggestions and advices for the meeting.

Fan yuntian, Deputy party secretary of Zhangjiajie and secretary general of municipal party committee, Chen danfeng, member of Zhangjiajie standing committee and deputy mayor, and Zhang ciyuan, vice chairman of Zhangjiajie CPPCC and director of Zhangjiajie bureau of commerce, attend the meeting.

According to the report, sponsored by People’s Government of Hunan Province and undertaken by department of commerce of hunan province, Zhangjiajie people’s government, Huaihua people’s government and Xiangxi autonomous prefecture people’s government, the activity “HK Enterprises Visiting Xiangxi” is planed to invite famous HK enterprises to come to Zhangjiajie for developing “HK Enterprises Visiting Xiangxi” from November 4th, 2013 to November 9th, 2013, mainly focusing on the investment investigation in Zhangjiajie, Huaihua and Xiangxi.

After listening to the presentations from different sectors, Fan yuntian affirms their specific modification and suggestion, and he stresses relevant sectors should deepen the understanding, pay high attention to“HK Enterprises Visiting Xiangxi”, especially by using the opportunity, enhance investment promotion and make every preparation workable.

By Crystal