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Drought Not Affecting Travel in Zhangjiajie Core Scenic Spot

“Zhangjiajie has picturesque scenery and peaceful caves; summer trip deserves its reputation!” says Mr. Sun, A tourist from Dongguan,Shenzhen,China, after his visit to Yellow Dragon Cave. The man in charge of Wulingyuan travel sector indicates long days of drought in Zhangjiajie has not much affected the travel in the core scenic spot. By the end of August, Wulingyuan has witnessed over one million tourists both from home and abroad. Especially, student travel, parents-child travel, water-loving trip and self-driving travel have increasingly been popular. Tourism is in order and maintains a good momentum of heating up.

Insiders analyses the heating-up travel in such a drought in Zhangjiajie is benefited from the sound ecological environment in core scenic spot. Statistics shows the forest coverage rate in core scenic spot tops to 94% with 80,000 to 100,000 negative oxygen ions in per cubic centimeter air. Although there is no rain in the past one month, streams have remained flowed with green trees. The beauty in Golden whip stream,Yellow Dragon Cave and Baofeng Lake remain as they are before. Furthermore, Wulingyuan has introduced a key action: free charge to global primary and secondary school students, which increases Zhangjiajie’s influence and attention.

Staffs in water supplies bureau of Wulingyuan indicate water consumption volume in downtown is 20,000 cubic meters per day, and Suo xi dam, which provides water resource for downtown has water storage of 1.459 billion cubic meters. Judging from these statistics, traveling to Wulingyuan has no problem of water shortage, just enjoy your summer trip freely, but keep in mind: value every drop of water!

By Crystal