Zhangjiajie Park Making a breakthrough of 10,000 People in first day of golden week

On October 1st, zhangjiajie national forest park with flower cluster, visitors are in an endless stream, presenting a joy, peaceful and festive atmosphere.

According to the forest park tickets administration statistics, October 1st, the number of tickets are sold into 11588 person-time, year-on-year growth of 124.05% , including full fare 8487 pieces, discount 2352 pieces, which realizing a big success. On the same day, individual travelers accounts for 49.2%, an increase of 30% last year. Tourism sources are from hunan, sichuan and jiangsu province, which becoming the new luminescent travel spot of zhangjiajie.

Recently, with the sunny weather, golden week tourists will welcome a new growth.

Translated by Sophia