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Hunan Receives 410,000 Visitors on First Day of National Day Holiday

On September 30th, the moon on the mid-autumn festival embraces the scene of Dufu Pavilion.

Up to 6:00 pm on September 30th, the major tourist attractions of Hunan have received 415,500 visitors on the first day of the National Day Holiday, getting ticket receipts of 34,825,700 yuan. Amounts of tourists and the growth rates in most scenic spots of the province have shown double-digit rise.

The year-on-year growth rates of the ticket incomes have increased in a triple-digit way in Hengshan Mountain, Shaoshan Mountain and other famous tourist attractions, while Tongdao Wanfo Mountain Scenic Area in Huaihua ranked first with the 2005.26% year-on-year growth rate.

Among the 42 major tourist attractions in Hunan Province, 12 sites have set their new records of tourist receipts, namely the Mausoleum of Emperor Yan in Zhuzhou, Hengshan Mountain in Hengyang, Lang Mountain, Baishuidong and Nanshan Mountain in Shaoyang, Yueyang Tower and Zhangguying Village in Yueyang, Huayan Creek and Land of Peach Blossom and Jiashan Mountain in Changde, and Zhijiang City where Japanese aggressors signed surrender agreement and Tongdao Wanfo Mountain in Huaihua. Five of these sites welcomed their breakthrough in daily tourist receipts, including Hengshan Mountain, Baishuidong , Nanshan Mountain, Yueyang Tower and Huayan Creek.

Translator : Xie Runchao

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal