Zhangjiajie Omanthus Garden—A Bright Spot of Eco-tourism Development

Orange omansthus garden, Created in 2011, Has developed into a large scale. Hundreds of thousands of omanthus trees are in strive of good growth. What’s more, A lot of tourists are fascinated by the enchanting fragrance of omansthus flowers. Obviously, Omanthus Garden has grown into a new travel highlight in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic zone.

Zhangjiajie Omanthus Garden has developed into a brand new green ecological agriculture land for plantation, cultivation, scientific research, leisure travel and so on with 1,400MU agriculture land of 4 villages of Zhonghu County successfully transferred to plant omansthus. Also, omansthus flower is of great appreciating, utility and ecological value. Omanthus flower could be made into omanthus flower tea, omanthus flower cake and omanthus flower tea. In a word, omanthus tree and omanthus flower are money tree for local people. It is also planed that Omanthus Garden will be built into the largest integrated ecological agriculture baseland in Western Hunan and one of the largest baseland of omanthus industry all over the country.

By Patricia