Zhangjiajie “Korea Wind” will blow into Huanglong Cave Scenic Area

On September 18th, In the afternoon, With a gorgeous dress, South Korean visitors lined up, In order to enter the world of Huanglong scenic area. It is understood that after the summer vacation travel peak, Huanglong scenic spot will receive about 1,000 South Korean visitors every day, Accounted for twenty percent of the total scenic tourists every day, Comfortably in the mainstream position in the foreign tourists.

The South Korean market since 2001 has been the biggest overseas tourist market of Zhangjiajie. Now each year about 500,000 South Korean tourists have a tour in Zhangjiajie. In recent years, through holding international country singles, international cultural travel festival and other festival activities, Zhangjiajie has invited the South Korean media to Zhangjiajie. It is a good way to increase with South Korea’s travel culture communication, consolidate raise the visibility and reputation of Zhangjiajie in South Korea.

Translated by Sophia