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Zhangjiajie National Forest Park usher in Peak season in the summer

In order to eascap the hot weather,The national forest park of Zhangjiajie welcoming more and more tourists. In August 1st, the reporter came to the national forest park, seeing a stream of visitors flocked into the golden core scenic spot, such as HuangShi village and JinBian river. According to uncompleted counts, from June 1st to July 31th, the number of visitors who entered the national forest park reached more than 330000, presenting a blowout trend.

The national forest park is known as the feature of ” three thousand peaks, eight hundred water”. Here are more than three thousand intricate mountains with the characteristic of humanbeings. Thus wining an amazing appriciation.Streams, spring, waterfalls are spreading around the mountains. Dense woods, flowers and plants are throughout the land. The whole park is like a huge landscape painting. And the sections of the original forest consists of the “super oxygen bar” makes visitors enjoy the pure air in the hot sun.

Translated by Sophia