Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Presents Four Characteristics in Golden Week

During golden week, zhangjiajie national forest park with innovation travel service, auspicious festival atmosphere, and orderly travel market, presentng four features:

Firstly, the index hits a record high. According to zhangjiajie national forest park tickets administration statistics, by October 4th, the number of tickets has reached 76941 person-time, year-on-year growth at 56% of last year.

Secondly, leading self-driving travel. It is understood that individual traveler tickets proportion accounted for 62%, much faster than previous 30%, become a new feature of this year’s golden week.

Thirdly, independent tourists, the number of people grows steady.

Fourthly, safety and orderly tourist market. During the festival, with a 24 hour duty, and through the news media to the broad public commitment and complaint telephone to Chinese and foreign tourists.

In the joint efforts of all aspects, realizing the safety and orderly holiday travel market.

Translated by Sophia