Zhangjiajie Landscape Painter Yangjing’s Work《Enlightenment of Viewing Mountain》

On March 7th, Zhangjiajie landscape painter Yang Jing’s work 《Enlightenment of Viewing Mountain》 recently is published by the China radio and television university.

It includes nearly 100 Zhangjiajie landscape painting creation, Using the power of art to show the Zhangjiajie calm, tolerance and deep inner beauty.

Mr Yangjing, 51 years old, is one of the outstanding landscape painters in the new era of China. He is the academy chief in Zhangjiajie. He has created nearly 20 years of landscape painting in Wulingyuan. In January 2010, He held Zhangjiajie landscape painting exhibition in shenzhen museum. The creation of Zhangjiajie landscape painting is well received by South Korea and Japan. He has made a positive contribution on promoting Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia