Zhangjiajie Huangshi Village Cableway completed “Check-up” Operation

The ropeway company of Huangshi Village finished five-day annual maintenance. And now it resumed the operation, A day earlier than planned. All the physical examination results showed that the various technical indicators of huangshi village passenger ropeway were normal.

Zhangjiajie Park Huangshi village cableway, since last year, The company took many ways step by step to have an implementation to all kinds of facilities maintenance. The concentration of nearly a week time will focus on the replacement drive spindle. After repeated trial, after the replacement drive spindle, it works normally and correctly. To protect tourists, the company decided to resume operation one day in advance.

Zhangjiajie Huangshi village passenger ropeway had a reception of more than 700,000 tourists last year. It was the safest, most comfortable passenger ropeway for the Chinese and foreign tourists.

Translated by Sophia