2015 Zhangjiajie and Taiwan Strait Bicycle Challenge Shows in March

2015 Zhangjiajie and Taiwan Strait Bicycle Challenge will show on March 28th. It will be held in the world natural heritage sites wulingyuan scenic area.

At that time, There will be 11 Taiwan’s top professional cycling teams about more than 600 people from Shanghai, Hunan, Beijing and other places will compete in Zhangjiajie. The competition will be divided into professional and amateur experience group.

Back in November, Zhangjiajie travel association outdoor leisure travel branch and Zhangjiajie in the CITS began to have a preparation for the bicycle industry. After investigation, Taiwan respective mechanism is favorable for wulingyuan. It helped “Land” Zhangjiajie.

In order to adapt to the needs of Zhangjiajie travel transition upgrade quality, promote the development of the new travel formats, since 2013, Zhangjiajie full opens the development of outdoor leisure travel, fully showing the different outdoor paradise to the world.

Translated by Sophia