Zhangjiajie Huanglong cave’s outside scenery Witnessed a Sea of Flowers

In March of Zhangjiajie, Flowers are blooming, Trees luxuriantly green. Huanglong cave’s outside is no wonder a great place to visit with kinds of beautiful flower in full bloom, Such as rape flowers, Peach blossoms, Begonias and butterfly orchids.

With the increase of temperature, The spring atmosphere in here will be stronger and stronger.“A river flows beneath a little bridge. The sight of cave is gorgeously spectacular. This poem just describes Huanglong Cave”A Mr.Zhang from Helan emotionality said. A beautiful lively rural picture was formed with trickling springs, and various flowers like waved rape flowers, blooming begonias.

The local chargers introduced that Huanglong cave’s outside was going to have a long flower period until May.The Chinese redbuds and sakaras will in full bloom lately. Except here, traveler can enjoy various flowers in different time of other Zhangjiajie core scenic area with flowers blossoming one another each year from March to May.

Translated by Zumi