Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave Started VIP Project, The children under 1.3m for free

On the afternoon of March, A group of guests from Hujian came to the world natural heritage, Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave by VIP car, happily using their private own service.After half an year trial operation, its VIP service project was greatly favored by the market, so it start officially in March. Local Price Department approved that VIP service standard fee is 95 per person, the children under 1.3m for free.

The VIP service project is an extensive service product developed by Huanglong Investment Limited Company in the need of market, providing exclusive cars, boats and guides. Guests who choose the service can have access to private tour guides, green passage and so on, which is about 1 hour less than regular travel.

“With the diversification of the guests, our tour service will be more human”,A charger in Huanglong Cave introduced. The VIP service will not influence the regular travel, but offer another alternative for guests around the world, which will attract high-grade guests and special groups like middle or aged people. What’s more, The area will become the first national cave that offers night travel service since April 1st, when the time for ticket-selling is to be extended to 8pm.

Translated by Zumi