Hundreds of Women Guests Visiting Huanglong Cave on Women’s Day

On March 8th, The 106th international Women’s Day, to celebrate their own unique festivals in their way,hundreds of domestic and foreign women visitors enjoyed themselves among a sea of golden rape flowers and in the magical “Dragon”cave at the world natural heritage site-beautiful Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave.

It is known that about 70% guests were women in the morning, Among which foreigners were mainly from Korean. Their colorful clothes mingled with golden rape flowers and green willow twigs, forming a colorful spring picture. Most of guests at home went on DIY tour. Since it happened on weekends, quite a few came with their family to breath fresh air and took family photos. Women are like flowers, flowers like women. During March, the Spring Girl is decorating Zhangjiajie with its“Spring’s story”. It is a very excellent visiting place for guests all over the world to enjoy flowers and feel spring.

Translated by Zumi