A Million Yuan was Invested to Wulingyuan Huanglong Cave

In order to build a beautiful travel environment for both domestic and international tourists and to successively improve the infrastructure construction and service facilities in the scenic spot, over a million yuan was invested to conduct the quality-promoting program in a full ground.

Companying with the change in travel system of Zhanjiajie, more and more tourists come and visit thus a continued promotion in the reception content and service quality of varied travel infrastructure is required. Huanglong Cave, taking into consideration of the present situation, is renewing the old infrastructure and adding some service items for tourists’ rest and entertainment.

On the orientation of not affecting tourists’ visit, Huanglong Cave chose the winter season, during which there are less tourists here, to carry on the quality-promoting program. The whole program will be undertaken in order and no influence will be on the reception of Huanglong Cave.

Translated by Vincent Chou