Zhangjiajie Held Seminars to Strengthen the Exchanges and Cooperation with South Korea

On July 9th afternoon, Zhangjiajie travel organization held a study implementation to Korean cultural travel exchanges between the two countries and mutual visa-free work symposium.

Zhangjiajie is a world famous tourist resort and a firm of tourists market. It must make good use of jinping general secretary visit to South Korea. It must propose to further strengthen bilateral exchanges and cultural travel in 2015 “China travel year” and “South Korea travel year” in 2016. It should strengthen Zhangjiajie and South Korea cooperation and exchanges in the field of travel, culture, and actively explore the Zhangjiajie travel market.

With good research related to travel products, It can complete Zhangjiajie travel propaganda promotion, To strengthen the construction of travel infrastructure and continuously improve the quality of travel services. All of these can make Zhangjiajie become an international well-known tourist resort.

Translated by Sophia