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Fuzhou to Zhangjiajie’s Air-route are expected to resume in September

On July 12nd, 2014, “The Great Beauty of Zhangjiajie, Build Xiangxi Feeling” Activity has ended the travel promotion. Learned at the event, In order to provide more convenient travel routes, The flights from Fuzhou to Zhangjiajie will resume in September.

Activities in Fujian travel industry have caused strong reaction. Fujian major web portals, Tourism professional website, Government affairs platform micro letter, news sites to promote strong on the report.

In the recommendation meeting, In addition to 500 traveling salesmen for travel product promotion, They reach a consensus about Fuzhou airlines to Zhangjiajie. Xiamen airlines relevant controller introduces, Fuzhou to Zhangjiajie had fixed air routes, “SARS” after suspension. In recent years, more and more Fuzhou citizens come to Zhangjiajie, Calling for the air routes.

Translated by Sophia