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Zhangjiajie Guide Book《Travelling in Wulingyuan》Will be published

On April 26th, WuLingYuan travel committee officially launched the edited work of Travelling in Wulingyuan. It is understood that this book would publish at the end of June to WuLingYuan star hotel, the scenic tourist service center and other public places, for providing help to domestic and overseas tourists.

Travelling in Wulingyuan aimes to provide perfect tourist information service for the majority of tourists, to better promote the world natural heritage wulingyuan. The hardcover of Travelling in Wulingyuan is Chinese version. The hardcover is divided into introduction of wulingyuan, exploration of wulingyuan, fun places of wulingyuan, and other major parts. With the form of pictures and introduction, let people know the traffic guidance, travelling strategy, resource introduction, practical information, and entertainment information.

Translated by Sophia