Zhangjiajie Green Agricultural Products Hotly Receive Favor in HK

From Dec 5th to Dec 7th, The 2013 Asian Agricultural Products Fair is held in HK’s International Convention Center. Zhangjiajie Maoyanmei Co.,Ltd, Zhangjiajie Shangjun wan Tea Co., Ltd, Zhangjiajie lingjie Green Food Co., Ltd, Zhangjiajie Autumn Harvest Agricultural Products Co., Ltd and Zhangjiajie Xiangxiaowu Business and Trade Co., Ltd take part in this fair.

In the booths of the convention center, Zhangjiajie green agricultural products dazzle your eyes from Maoyanmei tea; Wujie green tea; Lingjie pepper, Xiangxiaowu honey and Havest snacks… all these goods display their uniqueness, good quality and environment-care and mainstream the brand image of “Ecological Zhangjiajie; Green agricultural products”. During this fair, Zhangjiajie’s green agricultural products are hotly favored and all their tem items that brought are sold out. Zhangjiajie Maoyanmei Co., ltd and Zhangjiajie Xiangxiaowu Business and Trade Co., ltd arrive a purchase and sale agreement of about one million RMB with foreign companies. Zhangjiajie Maoyanmei Co., ltd reaches a development agent agreement with HK Beautiful Holding Co., ltd and Hugh Hendry Co., ltd and arrives a official contract of future field inspection in Zhangjiajie.

The participation is lead by Zhangjiajie Trade Promotion Association and is one of the thematic activity of 2013 Hunan(HK) Economic and Trade Week. During this fair, Zhangjiajie’s companies also take part in Hunan Green Food Promotion meeting, HK Changsha Agricultural Products Inspection and other special events.

By Crystal