Zhangjiajie Grand Gorge received more than 2,000 on Mid-autumn Day

With Zhangjiajie official news On Sept 20th, It is informed that on the first day of minor vacation of mid-autumn, Zhangjiajie Grand Gorge granted as natural air-condition has attracted tourists from all directions to spend their festival. The tourists amount both home and abroad is estimated to be more than 2,000 on Sept 19th and passenger flow volume holds the line on a year-on-year basis.

In Grand Gorge where cool breeze blows and gorgeous waterfalls flow down everywhere, tourists can hardly take their eyes off the beautiful scenery. On a tranquil and limpid creek with water bubbling, people wander along the riverside besides the inn and enjoy themselves both in the graceful natural landscape either side and history relics and cultural heritage of several generations, such as Qianren Tomb, South Red Flag Canal ect.

In order to serve this minor vacation, almost all the staff of Grand Gorge stay at their posts and strengthen their forces at the parking lot, passageway and important junctions to offer warm and thoughtful services to tourists. Thanks to those effective measures and full preparations, no tourists’ complaints has occurred on Mid-autumn Day.

By Brenda