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25Mu Sightseeing Paddy Fields Meet Autumn Harvest in Yellow Dragon Cave

On the morning of September 20th, a hot busy scene appears in the ecological square of Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave. The workmen with sickles in their hands are busing in putting ears of rice into the rice thresher. The 25mu sightseeing paddy fields are greeting the autumn harvest.

On the spot of grain harvest, purple leaf rice, yellow leaf rice, black leaf rice and fluorescent leaf rice enhance each other’s beauty. Taking a abroad view look, you may be enchanted by the golden sea. According to the workmen, in every autumn, when the grain matures, they will organize to harvest the grains. In this year, the output of the harvest is 10,000 to 20,000 KG and the harvested grains will be sent to Yellow Dragon Restaurant as the original and ecological green food provided to tourists.

The person in charge of Yellow Dragon Cave co.,ltd says “The sightseeing rice is sown in every March and harvested in September. It decorates the ecological square as well as providing green food to tourists” “The idyllic scenery is very enchanted and is rare to see this pure and natural view in city. It is free from armored concrete and makes me find another peace” A tourist fromShanghaisays.

The ecological square of Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave was constructed and put into usage in 2009. The farmer field was re-cultivated from green land, which opened the precedent in travel circle inChina. The square was honored “National environmental art prize” in 2008.

By Crystal