Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is included in one of “The most fascinating viewing bridge”

“Le road trip” on January 10th, The global seven most fascinating viewing bridge, you dare to go out? Among them, Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge was selected.

“Le road trip”, according to Zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge, touted as the world’s longest and highest completely transparent glass bridge. A total length of 430 meters, 6 meters wide, the deck is apart from the bottom of about 300 meters, can stand 800 people. Laid of bridge deck are all made of transparent glass, and has the world’s highest bungee bridge center station. The glass bridge is completed, which will become the world’s first diagonal alpine valleys glass bridge.

In fact, Zhangjiajie grand canyon is as a world-class, the most highest and longest bridge, becoming the international typical engineering of bridge construction.

Translated by Sophia