Laba Festival Celebrated Around Hunan Province

The eighth day of the La Month (the twelfth month of the Chinese calendar) is a day celebrating Laba Festival. This year it falls on Jan. 17th.

Over 10,000 villagers around Luxi County, came to Pushi ancient town to watch local operas and featured performances, and enjoy traditional Laba porridge and Laba beans.

People get free Laba porridge at Nanyue Temple. As a travel promotion activity of Hengshan Mountain, this was the fifth session of holding such charitable event to offer traditional Laba porridge to thousands of tourists and citizens.

Changsha Metro Group and its subordinates for metro operation and advertisement, together with BESTORE, launched a gift pack presenting activity to celebrate the Laba Festival and greet the coming Year of the Monkey.

Dress-up Monkey King and the other three major roles in the Journey to the West presented 5,000 gift packs to citizens that day at the railway stations and Wuyi Square Station of Changsha Metro Line 2.

Translator: Pang Yuehui

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal