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“Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander”to Be a New Name Card to the World

On July 25, hosted by professor Liu si, the doctoral supervisor of  Central South University and counsellor of Hunan’s people’s government, the project assessment meeting –A Study on Development Strategy of Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander is held in Hunan University of Commerce. Professor Liu mao song, the doctoral supervisor of Hunan Normal University and other five professors of economics hold the post of experts of the assessment meeting. The animal husbandry and veterinary administration and gold salamanders engineering company have sent representatives to attend the meeting.

In order to boost the development of “Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander”, Zhangjiajie is aimed to build Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander into a new name card of ecological civilization. On Octerber 2012, Zhangjiajie animal husbandry and veterinary administration entrusted the Institute of economic and trade development of Hunan University of Commerce to develop a study on development strategy of Zhangjiajie giant salamander. The experts have visited Zhangjiajie’s giant salamander breeding enterprises and carry out careful research. Through comparisons and analysis, A Study on Development Strategy of  Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander and Brand Image Design and Promotion Plan on Zhangjiajie Giant Salamander have been worked out.

The expert group agree that the systematic study, plan and methods on the development on Zhangjiajie’s giant salamander brand embody strong operationbility, which can act as a descion reference on the strategy of developing Zhangjiajie’s giant salamander brand.

Translated by Crystal