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Zhangjiajie Geographic Scenery will be Reappear in AvatarⅡ Shooting within This Year

According to report from media, Avatar, once won the top-grossing movie around the global will make its sequel–AvatarⅡ within this year and screen it in 2015. A insider from Zhangjiajie who once received Avatar shooting team exclaims that many scenes of the movie will combine the technologies of underwater photography and motion capture, at the same time, it is supposed to add large amounts of factors of Zhangjiajie landform scenery.

After the release of Avatar in 2010, it has received international attentions for it found views of Zhangjiajie to make its prototype of Pandora Hallelujah floating mountains. Kevin Arnold, the executitive director of Avatar once asserted in public: the record of global top-grossing 3 billon USD much attributes to the view of Zhangjiajie, which creats the miracle in filmdom.

After the movie’s release in the third year, AvatarⅡ eventually starts its new actions. According to report, AvatarⅡapplies 3D location shooting, transfers Pandora that implants many factors of Zhangjiajie scenery under the water, which mainly represents the underwater story of Pandora.

As to how many factors of Zhangjiajie scenery will be implanted into the new movie, and how to be presented? There is no accurate information yet. Insiders think that there is a perfect tacit aggrement between Avatar and Zhangjiajie. It will be a kind of deletion or regret if the movie lacks of Zhangjiajie sceneries even if the underwater story of Pandora is rather fascinating.

As the new of Avatar’s release continuously spreads, there arises a burst of “Avatar Heat” on the Internet, on which a video that edits with Zhangjiajie scenery as a background has been uploaded and creats 50,000 click rates after twelve hours. Thus it can be seen netizens’ expectations and attention on AvatarⅡ.

Translated by Crystal