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CCTV Program–Geography of China to Broadcast Explore Secrets in Wulingyuan

The eight set serials of Explore Secrets in Wulingyuan, with the joint shooting of CCTV science and education channel–Geography of China and travel administration of Zhangjiajie, will be shown in CCTV Geography of China on July 15 to July 22 in successions. The program brings people into the unique and mysterious Zhangjiajie land. It explores the geographic secrets of Zhangjiajie’s landform formation. Besides it has a total 240 minutes, each set with 30 minutes, which is the first time in national television media that reports Zhangjiajie’s landform in such a big length.

How did Zhangjiajie’s landform with mountainous peaks and erect cliffs form? What kind of unheard natural secrets does it hide behind the unpredictable and boundless fog scenery? Explore Secrets in Wulingyuan not only briefly explains the geographic landform of the core scenic spots, such as Tianzi Mount, Yuanjiajie, Golden Whip Stream and Ten-Mile gallery, but also probes into the evolution process of Zhangjiajie’s geographic living beings, such as Baofeng Lake, Tianmen Mount, Yellow Gragon Cave and Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.

Explore Secrets in Wulingyuan is played everyday, in science and education channel CCTV—10 for the first show at 17:30 every night. It will be repeated at next morning at 8:00, with 30 minutes everyday.

By Crystal