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Zhangjiajie Four measures Boost Wulingyuan Travel

1.Market positioning: subdividing customer market carefully in order to realize individualized promotion. Wulingyuan concentrates on makeing a breakthrough in neighboring market like Hunan Province, Wuhan and Chongqing, with an emphasis put on opening developed cities owning consumption potentiality, such as Guangzhou.

2.Marketing methods: numerous activities, for example, Zhangjiajie International Country Music Week, are about to held in Wulingyuan within this year, on which are dependent to attract more attention home and abroad and develop tourist E-business.

3.Traveling products’ structure: Wulingyuan keeps buildingZhonghuVillage,Tianzi MountainVillage and other characteristic travel villages.

4.Management service: further standardizing the order of tourist market and cracking down on violations in Wulingyuan scenic spot.

Translated by Becky