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Zhangjiajie Baofeng Lake Actively apply for “China’s Well-known Trademark”

The second class travel in Hunan province–“China’s Well-known Trademark”may again be launched in Wulingyuan.On May 2th,The person in charge of Zhangjiajie’s industrial and commercial bureau comes to Baofeng Lake company, giving guidance to the company’s work for biding for “China’s Well-known Trademark”.Currently,the related information of Baofeng Lake’s biding for “China’s Well-known Trademark” has been approved by Hunan Industrial and Commercial Bureau and is planed to recommend to SAIC.

“Baofeng Lake” trademark has applied for register to SAIC in August 2001.In the past twelve years, Baofeng Lake company not only actively promoted infrastructure construction in the scenic spot areas, but also boosted the strategy of “booming the company through trademark”,realizing a sound outcome of enhancing scales of travel reception, tickets price and brand recognition. Baofeng Lake scenic spot has successively been awarded “the National Youth Civilization”,”China’s Top Ten Leisure Lakes” and Baofeng Lake trade mark has also been recognised Hunan’s famous trademark in a successive two years.

Hunan’s first class travel–“China’s Well-known Trademark” is Yellow Dragon Cave trademark, which was recognized by SAIC in November 2011.

Translated by Crystal