Zhangjiajie Focused on Innovating Its Tourist Catering & Food Safety

According to Municipal meeting “Catering & food safety monitoring and Innovating”, A series of measures to innovate the catering & food safety will start from April to October to secure food safety for local citizens and guests.

The following measures are to service public and secure the development of Zhangjiajie. Firstly, Intensify daily monitoring on food to avoid serious food security. Secondly, investigate illegal case of catering & food according to the law. Thirdly, Enhance the disciplined awareness of catering service units, Especially the overall level of those in tourist area.

To ensure food safety and good image of a tourist city, Tian Huayu, The vice mayor of the city, required that all the governmental units should always put the public interest to the first, ensuring public food safety through the strictest monitoring, punishment and accountability. Besides, She also pointed out the importance to launch innovation activities of food safety and deal with major food safety cases in a serous way.

Translated by Zumi