2014 First American Photography Group Come to Wulingyuan

Important progress in recent years, Zhangjiajie exploits overseas market. In addition to South Korea markets and Thailand market, Europe and the United States market is developed on the way. On April 4th, A batch of photography visitors from California tour in Zhangjiajie. It is the first American photography group in Zhangjiajie.

With a total of 11 people in the photography group, They plan to visit Tianzi mountain, Yuanjiajie, Huanglong hole and other main scenic spots for a week. Then they will go to phoenix city. After returning to hometown, They will show the excellent works to the local news media to transmit all the beauty to more European and American tourists. It is the second time for team manager Oliver Klink to come to Zhangjiajie. He still feels strange spectacular scenic scenery and gives high evaluation of the ecological environment protection.

In 1999, Zhangjiajie invited American stunt pilot Kirby to “Pass through tianmen”, Knocking at the door of European and American market. In three consecutive annual international country singles, Mr Mark, “The father of American country music”, actively promoted Zhangjiajie rare natural beauty. 2010 American blockbuster “Avatar” got a large number of core scenario from Zhangjiajie scenic spot, which rapidly improved the visibility and reputation of zhangjiajie in the European and American market. Since then, A large number of European and American traveling salesman, media representatives began to step on the line, focused on Zhangjiajie gradually.

Translated by Sophia