Zhangjiajie Diaos Feast Xibu Street “DAYONG SANXIAGUO”

May Day holiday is approaching. Tickets discount and Diaos feasts are the eye-catching activities initiated by Zhangjiajie core scenery zones.

On 27th April,”DAYONG SANXIAGUO” the first local-colored canteen opened in Xibu Street,which themed with Diaos will offer a delicious feast to welcome every visitor who come from all the directions.

It is reported that, this special canteen “DAYONG SANXIAGUO” is with 3000 square meters and is full of local characteristics and modern Diaos elements. In essence, the feast is three hacks decorated with intangible cultural heritage–Sangzhi folk songs. Delicious foods, pleasant songs and cordial services will impress you most.

“DAYONG SANXIAGUO” The three hacks nowadays is an indispensable and popular dish among the backpackers and DIY travelers, and crowned with Diaos Feast.

By Aileen