Zhangjiajie clouds wonderland welcomes the best “Discount season” in history

On December 1st,Tourist attraction Zhangjiajie is the poetry of fairyland. It is known that Wulingyuan launched a three-month season “Discount”, beating the heat Zhangjiajie travel in winter.

According to the pricing authorities under the file, On December 1, 2017, to February 28 (Except the Spring Festival Golden Week), Wulingyuan core scenic spots ticket fare will change from ordinary each time 245 yuan to 136 yuan,the discount rate of 45%. Visitors with a ticket for four consecutive days can be infinite times to come into Tianzi mountain, Yuan Gujie, Huangshi village, Yang Jiajie, miles galleries and other attractions. In addition, Huanglong hole, Baofeng lake and scenic cable car, ladders, small train transportation tools will also have ticket discount rate of 20%. Wulingyuan district each star hotel (Including according to the star hotel management hotel) shall perform the winter, but not below the industry’s lowest cost. The personage inside course of study, according to the scope of preferential and discounts, it is the best in history.

Winter tour in Zhangjiajie, is very fantastic. Wulingyuan after entering winter travel mode, synchronization opens the “Met” wulingyuan micro travelogue series, “Snow festival atmosphere” special photographing, “Suoxi edge field” and “Fireplace will touch and rice”, “Joy out of years” and so on seven big series of theme activities, for tourists from home and abroad to provide the best winter travel products.

Translated by Sophia