Zhangjiajie Charming xiangxi welcomes over 1 million guests this year

On November 23rd, tourists from home and abroad are intoxicated in Zhangjiajie Charming xiangxi. According to the report, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi grand theatre in 2016 welcomes over 1 million visitors, and rise more than 10% last year.

Zhangjiajie Charming company, in 2016 stresses the program quality, grasping reception service, to ensure the operation of the whole program are in good state. In terms of program quality, with the successful foreign visit as an opportunity, it upgrade of the stage show. In management, the company implements 6S management for all staff to improve the management and service level. At the same time, the company also invites Korean singer to sing on column “Zhangjiajie, Charming xiangxi” to further develop the market share programs in South Korea.

October 27 this year, the national well-known film director Feng Xiaogang, famous musician Liu Huan, musician Lao Zai officially joined Zhangjiajie, Charming xiangxi. Feng Xiaogang attached great importance to Charming xiangxi redesign. He hoped that they can continue to make xiangxi culture as the core point of creation, to strive to put the whole program into the national travel show the “NO.1”.

“Zhangjiajie Charming xiangxi” as the first original ecological folk custom cultural performing art, provides a panoramic rendering of the customs of ethnic minorities. With accumulative total more than 6,500 performances, it has a reception of more than 1,200 domestic and foreign audiences, promoting cultural soft power with the visibility and reputation of Zhangjiajie in the world.

Translated by Sophia