Zhangjiajie "Charming Xiangxi" to Be Performed in Bulgaria and Czech

According to the troupe of “Zhangjiajie – Charming Xiangxi”, they will perform abroad again from February 11 to 24, 2015, as part of the activity “2015 Happy New Year” held by the Ministry of Culture of the PRC in Bulgaria and Czech Republic.

After rehearsal of over hundred times, 28 talented performers have been selected and 11 excellent shows will be staged, including “Cuicui of The Border City”, “Pursue Love in the Lovesick Building”, “Love Festival of the Tujia Minority” and “Weeping at the Wedding”. Chief Executive of “Charming Xiangxi” Yang Jihong believed that the group would take this opportunity to exhibit multi-ethnic culture of Xiangxi and show the unique charm of the minority culture heritage demonstration base of Zhangjiajie.

Translator: Zhu Mengxia

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal