Zhangjiajie Folk Culture-Six Unique Skills of Western Hunan People

People habitated in Western Hunan has been famous for their unique folk culture long ago. Here, below 6 unique skills are especially outstanding.

First skill: Jar Vegetable

Pepper, cabbage, radish and nearly all kinds of vegetables could be put into this magic jar waiting for special and great taste after fermenting. With season’s change, different vegetables live in this jar and ferments spicy or acid taste. It will definitely stimulate your taste bud.

Second Skill: Sweater Knitting

Wools, in western hunan people’s magic hand, could become stylish and warm sweater. Though hand knitted sweater is not popular now, it’s still a warm memory of a generation.

Third Skill: Making Cotton-padded Shoe

In previous village, people had no snow boot to wear to resist cold. Clever western hunan people then utilized their own wisdom to make cotton-padded shoe. It’s simple but comfortable. More importantly, mom’s loving and warm heart is injected into it.

Fourth Skill: Making Sweet Potato Chip

Sweet potato, a comon food, however, under western hunan people’s handy hand, turns into various tasty food like sweet potato stem, fried sweet potato chip and so on.

Fifth Skill: Making Wine

Wine is definitely a unique skill of western hunan people. Rice wine, bamboo wine and so on are unique in western hunan. Western hunan people not only make wine, they are also good at drinking it. Western hunan people’s bold and frank character must have relation with their habit of drinking.

Sixth Skill: Wrapping Chinese Rice Dumpling

Chinese rice dumpling, a necessity during Dragon Boat Festival, is aslo a specialty in western hunan. It could be round, triangle shaped. Rice dumpling mixing western hunan’s famous specalty-bacon with rice tasts just like food that comes from heaven.

By Patricia