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Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi have “Double Harvest” During the New Year

On Feb 27th, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi Grand Theatre had two pieces of good news. Art troupe has returned from Europe, the second one is Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi has received a total of 20,000 tourists during the Spring Festival. In the New Year, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi ushered the popular “Double harvest”.

On the Spring Festival Golden Week, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi Grand Theatre has many tourists. In order to satisfy the desire of more tourists, since February 21st, it will have two performances every night.

From 11 to 24 February, Zhangjiajie Charming Xiangxi sent 28 actors to Europe in 2015 again “Happy Chinese New Year Chinese culture festival”series of activities. All over tens of thousands of local citizens and tourists appreciated the charm of Chinese national culture and art, and further enhanced the visibility and reputation of Zhangjiajie both at home and abroad.

Translated by Sophia