Xiangxi Huaihua’s Third “Beautiful Villages” Art Festival Kicks off

Themed “Beautiful Villages”, the 3rd Huaihua Art Festival was convened at the Museum of Rural Arts in Jinhai Village of Hecheng District on February 24. Together with local residents, celebrities from all walks of life, including renowned contemporary artist Shu Yong and famous chief tenor at the China National Symphony Orchestra Zhang Tianfu, attended the opening ceremony.

Various activities were held during the festival, such as the badminton, table tennis, Chinese chess, paintings and calligraphy, as well as photography contests. Using winnowing fan, the local villagers also made the slogan of “Beautiful Villages” in a primitive way.

Zhang Tianfu, along with Xiong Zhenjing, tenor at Hunan Song and Dance Troupe, Gan Mei, soprano at the Shenzhen Song and Dance Troupe, Qiu Shuang, Silver Award winner of the Hunan Tourism Song Contest, and Lin Tingting, a young dancer from Guangzhou, staged splendid performances to amaze the audience.

Local artists also spiced up the festivities with their folkloric shows. Such self-directed performances as belly dance of “Queen’s Banquet” from Zhaojiashan Village and modern dance of “The Ordinary Road” from Jinhai Village fully displayed the remarkable achievements of Huaihua in building beautiful villages.

Translator: Li Xuan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal