Zhangjiajie Charm Xiangxi Performance With a New Clothing

On March 14th, New quality upgrade show in WuLingYuan, Performance” Zhangjiajie,The Charming of Xiangxi”, the large national culture show won a success, more than 2000 visitors from home and abroad became the first audience.

Performance”Zhangjiajie,The Charming of Xiangxi” shows not only the beautiful light stage, especially the real water system landscape! In order to further improve the program’s reputation, since late February, the sweeping reform cost about 5 million yuan to make the stage, lighting, props and other hardware facilities. At the same time, it also has a rehearsal on content, thus reducing the host time, to increase the content and audience interaction. Compared with the old version, the new “Zhangjiajie,The Charming of Xiangxi” shows more delicate.

Translated by Sophia