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China Northern Visitors Preferred Zhangjiajie Spring Scenery

The world natural heritage zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic area has a abnormal healthy ecological travel. With high quality air, and beautiful flowers, it give priority to dozen of travel products for the visitors. On March 14th, according to incomplete statistics of WuLingYuan travel departments, since late February, through the jing-shen high-speed rail, Beijing to Huaihua, changchun to kunming line, the northern tourists who entered into zhangjiajie were more than 50000 people.

Wulingyuan scenic forest coverage, drainage waters has a success rate, the air quality is in a leading position in the whole country. Specially, core scenic area and baofeng lake reaches to 100%, and the air quality in each square centimeter of air negative oxygen ion content is more than 100000, it is unique in the country.

Since this year, the north provinces have fog and haze, dust weather frequently. People in the call for protection of the environment, at the same time, also set off an upsurge of ecological travel. Has a good natural ecological environment and travel resources, zhangjiajie becomes a destination for northern visitors to experience the green environmental protection, low carbon travel .

Translated by Sophia