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Zhangjiajie Badagongshan Mountain: One Scarlet Maple Leaf for Nostalgia

Regarded as one of the main scenic resorts of “the ancient Chinese painting”—- Zhangjiajie, Badagongshan Mountain has its incredible charm. On seeing the “painting”, Mr. Yang Rudai, the former vice chairman of CPPCC, praised:” I expect this in the paradise of heaven but when has this fallen onto the source of Lishui River?”

Badagongshan Mountain has four distinct seasons which are featured with beautiful wild flowers in the spring, green mountains and clear waters in the summer, scarlet leaves in the autumn and marvelous ice in the winter. All the seasons have their own charm while autumn stands out indeed. In this period, as long as you stand on the view deck can you enjoy a scarlet mountains range without a single leaf an exception which is magnificent and splendid.

Spots Recommendation: the Fairy Pool, the Yellowstone Creek Valley, all view decks there.

Courses: Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan to Zhangjiajie through Changsha – Zhangjiejie Express Way or railway; Zhangjiejie Motor Station or Railway Station to Badagongshan Mountain ( Sangzhi Motor Station ) by coach ( it takes about one hour ).

Translated by Vincent Chou