Zhangjiajie Adding Two Provincial Travel Shopping Demonstration Site

On December 24th, informed from the WuLingYuan travel bureau that, five silver fort expo center and JinCai wuling expo center was named provincial travel shopping demonstration site. This year, with a total of 24 hunan provincial travel shopping demonstration, including two sites at zhangjiajie.

Five silver fort expo center and JinCai wuling expo center are two large emerging travel shopping place, displaying rich national characteristics and good moral silver and crystal handicrafts, ornaments, daily supplies, souvenirs and gifts. The investment is more than 50 million yuan, which called the zhangjiajie travel shopping “benchmarking”.

In early November, hunan travel bureau organization expert groups in accordance with the provisions of the hunan travel shopping demonstration site, making some check for the function layout, service facilities, reception facilities, product requirements, quality of service and so on. Board of editors believe that two shopping demonstration projects are standard, making a good brand influence and demonstration on the hunan travel shopping.

Translated by Sophia