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Zhangjiajie actively bid for“2014 international Conference on sandstone”

Zhangjiajie bids to host  2014 International Sandstone Landform Conference.

Recently, sourced from Wulingyuan government that they are biding to host the International Sandstone Landform Conference 2014 with all their strength, which aiming at building an effective platform for international communication and cooperation, further expanding the international influence and prestige of “Zhangjiajie landform”, confirming its international brand.

On 11, November, 2010, the International Academy Conference of Zhangjiajie Landform was held in Wulingyuan .36 well-known geomorphologists at home and abroad all affirmed the quartz sandstone hoodoo landform in core scenery spots of Wulingyuan, thus the concept of “Zhangjiajie Landform” came into being. Subsequently, Wulingyuan strengthened the cooperation with Geographical resources of Chinese Academy of Sciences and officially established “the Joint Research Center of Zhangjiajie Landform” on 11 April 2011. The organization establishment was fulfilled thereby, which encompassing one headquarter (Research Center of Academy of Sciences headquarters), two offices (Beijing and Wulingyuan Office), three bases (International comparison base of sandstone landform, Global belt transect ecology network observation base and World Geopark promotion base of popular science travel), in the interests of the dynamic research on evolutionary process of Zhangjiajie landform.

At present , Wulingyuan government has been fully prepared for the bid and going to officially apply for it on International Association of Geomorphologists in August 2013.Once permitted , the first international sandstone landform academy conference of Zhangjiajie will be held in 2014.

Translated by Aileen