Zhangjiajie Huanglong Cave Considerately Services Guests with 3 Musts

Recently,“Service guests with 3 musts” Activity is carrying out vigorously in Wulingyuan.Aimed to improve the tourist service environment and upgrade service quality, A detailed measure was made that“Service guests with 3 musts”-Must answer guests’questions, Must help guests’out of trouble, Much deal with guest’s complaints effectively.

On April 2nd, The World’s Wonder of Karst Cave-Huanglong Cave answered the call by adding more ticket offices and tourist consultant centers. According to actual situation, It formulated “Integrity service standardization system” and “Serve guests with 3 musts implementation plan. The detailed measures are as follows. Firstly, add tourist serve consultant centers and ask each staff answer guests questions. Secondly, set up tourist help center to provide all-around and human service.Thirdly, establish a tourist fast trial contact room to ensure benefit of guests.

Huanglong Cave is a very famous scenic spot in Zhangjiajie. It owns good reputation like China’s Famous Trademark and “China’s more beautiful Karst Cave”. It has received over 18 million people Since opened in 1984, Its income toped among China’s Karst caves. It is also the only Karst cave that combines countryside sights with spectacular Cave in China.

Translated by Zumi