Zhangjiajie Two Hundred Thousand Atlas Services for Self tourists

On June 9th, 200,000 atlas of scenic spot have began to put on the tourist service hub, Which giving some guide service to Self-service tourists.

The atlas with the foundation of the folk travel “Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan hand plot”, focuses on core Zhangjiajie major tourist resources, scenic spot ticket prices and visit matters. At the same time, The text introduced national performing arts, food, hotel and hostel characteristics, characteristic tourist commodities, services, telephone etc.

This map is substantial in content, new form. The beauty is generous and easy to carry, Which is a close partner for self-help tourists. According to understand, The district travel departments will make version upgrade step by step, Print out in English version, The han edition, gradually expand the coverage, better service to foreign visitors.

Translated by Sophia