Zhangjiajie To Taibei Flights Will Be Resumed in April

In April,China Southern Airlines will resume this commuter flights from Zhangjiajie to Taibei.Such airline began on April 15th of last year,But was canceled on October 26th due to a change of seasonal flight schedule. The resumed flight will fight 3 times per week as before but changing from Monday, Tuesday, and Friday to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday each week.

ZHANGJIAJIE TO TAIBEI:Flight No.CZ3025 will take off at 3:30 PM. and arrive at 6:00 PM.

TAIBEI TO ZHANGJIAJIE:Flight No.CZ3026 whose departure time is 7:30 PM. and arrival time is 10:10 PM.

The plane model is A320. For the moment, Individual travelers ticket price is 30% off in the least, That is 1080RMB with tax excluded.

Translated by Zumi