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Zhangjiajie to Entertain Tourists in an “Unusual Way”

A beautiful and amazing path which claims to be the world’s most beautiful path is to be constructed in Yangjiajie Scenic Area of Zhangjiajie. With basic content of the design scheme nailed down on August 7, a unique path, featuring whole-hearted efforts, fun and adventure, will enter construction phase.

Situated in northwest of Wulingyuan Core Scenic Area, Yangjiajie Scenic Area is renowned for the legend that descendants of the Yangs (all people of their three generations were faithful patriotic generals or soldiers) in the Song Dynasty (960-1279 B.C.) migrated to Yangjiajie, which is characterized by the unparalleled wonders of towering walls of rock. Zhangjiajie Tourism Group Co., Ltd. will offer a reward worth one million yuan for the selected design scheme. Now the company has received schemes from seven well-known designing institutions since the news announced worldwide June 16. “Swing is available between the gorges, bicycle is workable on precipices and valley echo can be heard around the towering walls of rock.” The principal of sponsor reveals that the final design scheme of the 3.5-km-long path combines all advantages of the schemes and integrating highlights of works winning the excellent prize, will add to Zhangjiajie a view featuring pleasing beauty, environmental protection and attraction.

Translator: Zhou Xin

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal