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Wingsuit Flying Carpet Challenge Staged in Zhangjiajie

On August 11, Espen Fadnes and Bjoern Magne Bakke Bryn from Norway challenged an extreme sport “wingsuit flying carpet” on the Tianmen Mountain of Zhangjiajie Scenic Area. At about 8:00 am, the challenge began. Bejoern jumped off a helicopter first, stretching the parachute and freely flying in the blue sky and mountains. Later, Espen in a wingsuit leapt off the cliff from top of the mountain, dropping at a high speed like a free-falling body. At this time, Bejoern appeared upon him, and began chasing Espen. After adjustments, Bejoern successfully stood on Espen’s back, presenting a venturous picture of “wingsuit flying carpet”, which is quite striking and surprising.

Wingsuit flyer Espen Fadnes measures wind velocity at the taking-off point.

The wingsuit flying challenge starts.

Espen flies toward Bjoern Magne Bakke Bryn, a parachutist.

The two players successfully perform joint sliding in the air.

The two challengers succeed in performing the “wingsuit flying carpet”.

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal