Zhangjiajie tianzi mountain will have heating tour toilet

In Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Tianzishan Mountain, Winter, with an altitude of 1000 meters, a lot of tourists will have a problem. Because of the low temperature, water tap not only can’t flush the toilet, but also can’t wash your hands. Wulingyuan scenic area core infrastructure project construction headquarters said,tianzishan mountain cableway station is going to build floor heating travel toilet,to solve the problem effectively.

In order to ensure enough water supply, they will also build a large underground reservoir during the construction of the toilet, and keep the water temperature above 0 ℃. The whole investment will about hundreds of thousands of yuan, it will be open to tourists before the “11″ golden week.

The toilets in the tianzi mountain cableway station travel will become zhangjiajie and even hunan first floor heating toilet.

Translated by Sophia