Zhangjiajie Spring Travel is a mountain, and a green sea

Zhangjiajie spring is a mountain, is a green sea. Forest coverage rate of 97%, everywhere is full of precious ancient trees, let person have infinite thought.

Zhangjiajie spring, is full of vibrant flowers. And even the pillar is full of green life, everywhere, all the voice of kingfisher with rich flavor of forest, immediately can make people feel relaxed, breathe easier. Special lobster flowers are in full bloom. Tianmen fog is a great beauty, but we can not all the time to see it. Warm spring, is the most frequent season of tianmen to see fog.

Zhangjiajie spring, is a piece of transparent green. Entering into zhangjiajie, it seems to see a pair of quiet picture scroll.

Zhangjiajie spring, is a peach garden of surprise.

Translated by Sophia


tianzi mountain


over bridge in yuanjiajie

baofeng lake


tianmen mountain cave