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Zhangjiajie Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area Perfects Travel Facilities

This year, Wulingyuan focuses on implementation of Tianzi Mountain Scenic Spot quality upgrade project, further improving the travel infrastructure, expanding the visit space, and enriching the connotation of the landscape.

According to introducing, the restaurants renovation project has completed the first phase project. The “Modified” McDonald’s restaurant has been open to the tourists, and the second phase is on the orderly. McDonald’s restaurant has more than 60-meter long anticorrosive wood floor recreation corridor, which becomes an important distribution center for tourists to rest. At the same time, the nearby recreational little forest has completed the early stage of the stone pavement and green trees.

The visitor center on Tianzi Mountain cableway station has entered the full decoration stage. Tianzi Mountain scenic area has updated LED electronic display screen, scroll publishing dynamic information of the scenic spot.

A series of tourist infrastructure improvements have effectively increased Tianzi Mountain area reception class. According to incomplete statistics, since the beginning of this summer, Tianzi Mountain has recieved more than ten thousand people a day.

Translated by Sophia